PRP-X500 Anion HPLC Columns

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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PRP-X500 Anion HPLC Columns

Fast Protein Separations
PRP-X500 is a unique polymeric anion exchange column. The strong base quaternary amine type anion exchange support is designed for the separation, purification and isolation of proteins.

Superficially Porous
Macroporous HPLC supports typically used for protein separations have good sample capacity but long analysis times and poor recovery for large proteins. Non-porous HPLC supports provide faster separations than macroporous supports but their sample capacity is very low. The PRP-X500 superficially porous support combines the sample capacity of porous materials with the fast separation times of non-porous supports.

Columns are stable from pH 1 to 13 and can be routinely used at pressures up to 5,000 psi.

High Sample Capacity Samples with up to 1.0 mg of protein can be loaded onto the 5 cm PRP-X500 column (it is possible to separate 0.2 mg of four different proteins in less than three minutes with a short analytical 50 x 4.6 mm PRP-X500 column).