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Easy Ion Determination
Hamilton PRP-X100 ion chromatography columns are the easy way to separate inorganic ions. You can use these columns with any existing HPLC or ion chromatograph to easily determine anions in almost any sample matrix including: air, water and soil. PRP-X100 columns provide a number of benefits.

Better than Wet Chemical Methods
Anyone using wet chemical or colorimetric methods will find that ion chromatography greatly reduces sample pretreatment and improves the accuracy and precision of results.

High Sensitivity
Use Hamilton ion chromatography columns to separate ions at concentrations from 1 ppm to 1,000 ppm without suppression or elaborate preconcentration techniques.

Long Column Life
The highly inert polymeric support resists chemical attack from organic solvents and aqueous buffers (0-100% aqueous or organic; pH 1 to 13), effectively lengthening column life. If column performance should deteriorate (peak broadening and a loss of symmetry), the regeneration protocol will usually return your chromatography to its original state.

Analyze Both Difficult and Common Anions
PRP-X100 columns easily separate difficult anions such as cyanide, borate and silicate at high pH (11.5). The polymeric packing is stable from pH 1 to 13, so a single column can be used for the analysis of both common and difficult anions.

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