Large Format Motorised Stages by Prior Scientific

Manufacturer Prior Scientific  |   Model: H112/H116/H105  |  Available Worldwide
Large format motorised stage for upright microscopes

Large Format Motorised Stages by Prior Scientific product image
Large Format Motorised Stages

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The range of large format stages from Prior Scientific offers end users a powerful combination of high precision, convenience and a large format area for users of upright microscopes – ideal for imaging large tissue sections or other biological samples.

Using a motorised stage increases precision and allows the possibility of automation. The stages can accept linear encoders to further enhance precision . An S-shaped acceleration curve ensures smooth movement, reducing disruption to samples and patented Intelligent Scanning technology assures the accuracy of the stage. The stages can accept either a glass or aluminium plate.



  • Large travel sizes of either 154 x 154 mm, 256 x 256 mm or 302 x 302 mm
  • Repeatability: -0.7 µm (154 x 154 mm stage)
    • -0.4/0.3 µm (256 x 215 mm stage)
    • 6/2 µm (302 x 302 mm stage)
  • Minimum step size: 0.04
  • Ball Screw: 2 mm
  • Motor Type: 200 stepper motor
  • Encoders: Option of 0.1 µm
  • Controlled by the ProScan® system