ProtoCOL 2 Zone by Synbiosis

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ProtoCOL 2 Zone

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With the introduction of the ProtoCOL 2 series, a new generation of colony counting and zone measurement has been reached. This ground breaking instrument takes the technology to a new level with its unique functionality and performance.

ProtoCOL 2 Zone is ideally suited to the demanding application of zone measuring.

Every antibiotic manufacturer is required to demonstrate that the potency of their finished products meets the required specifications. One of the most common but time consuming methods is based on inhibition zones. Manual measurements are often unreproducible and cannot meet the majority of published standards for accuracy and repeatability.

ProtoCOL 2 Zone is ideal for:

  • Inhibition zones
  • Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST)
  • Single radial immunodiffusion assays (SRD)