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ProtoCOL 2 Count

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If you’re looking for increasing accuracy, speed and efficiency, the highly automated ProtoCOL 2 colony counter and zone measuring range offers the ultimate solution. With the introduction of the ProtoCOL 2 series, a new generation of colony counting and zone measurement has been reached. This ground breaking instrument takes the technology to a new level with its unique functionality and performance.

ProtoCOL 2 Count is the perfect system for multiple applications, including food, water, dairy, beverage, hygiene, clinical microbiology, environmental monitoring, toxicology, sterility testing, pharmaceuticals and fungal contamination.

ProtoCOL 2 Count is a complete system for all automatic colony counting applications.

With the standard system:
  • Count coloured colonies, plaques and perform microbial limit tests

Add additional software modules for:

  • Spiral plates
  • OPKA (Opsonophagocytic Killing Assay)
  • SBA (Serum Bactericidal Activity)
  • Ames assay and mouse lymphoma test
  • Multi-sector plates, eg, air sampling and multiwell plates

- Ergonomic design for comfortable use and easy access
- Sensitive touch screen for rapid input and intuitive control
- Unique lighting (patent pending) configuration for exceptional illumination of all sample types
- Fully automatic reading for time savings of over 80% when compared to any manual method
- Highly reproducible and consistent results
- Extensive results and data output facilities
- Meets the most demanding requirements for 21 CFR Part 11, GLP and QA
- Has full audit trail and user permissions log