ProteoPrep® 20 Plasma Immunodepletion Kit

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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The most powerful depletion tool available.

Increase your ability to visualize low abundance proteins and biomarkers – Removal of >99% of twenty of the most abundant proteins allows up to 50-fold increased protein loads, enhancing opportunities to visualize low abundance proteins

Unique antibody affinity media – Novel high density antibody media displays higher specificity, reducing contamination and significantly improving depletion capacity compared to any currently available products

Convenient spin-column formatFast depletion and recovery accelerates throughput and validation making this the preferred choice for all proteomics labs

The ProteoPrep 20 Plasma Immunodepletion Kit specifically removes 20 of the most abundant proteins from human plasma or serum in preparation for further proteomics analysis. This depletion enables deeper penetration into the plasma proteome whether you use one- or two-dimensional electrophoresis, single or multidimensional chromatography or go straight to mass spectrometry. This is based on a unique conjugation process using small recombinant immunoaffinity ligands, and conventional antibodies that permits high density conjugation on the support. The ligand selection ensures optimal specificity. Typical depletions remove 97-98% of the total protein mass in human plasma or serum.