ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment Kits

Manufacturer Bio-Rad
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ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment Kits are a novel sample preparation tool used to reduce the dynamic range of proteomes from complex biological samples, allowing the exploration of the entire proteome. It employs a larger, highly diverse bead-base library of combinatorial peptide ligands, which simultaneously dilutes high-abundance proteins and concentrates low-abundance proteins.

When a complex biological sample is applied to the beads, high-abundance proteins saturate their high affinity ligands and excess protein is washed away. In contrast, low-abundance proteins are concentrated on their specific affinity ligands.
Benefits of ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment Kits
• Decreases the amount of high-abundance proteins without immunodepletion — prevents the co-depletion of proteins bound to high-abundance proteins.
• Enriches medium- and low-abundance proteins that cannot be detected through traditional methods.
• Compatible with a variety of sample types, independent of species specificity.
• Not dependent on a predefined set of antibodies, unlike immunodepletion products.
• Compatible with all major downstream protein analysis techniques.
• Can be used for differential expression analysis.

To provide flexibility for use with multiple downstream applications, two kit formats are available - the ProteoMiner protein enrichment kit and the ProteoMiner sequential elution kit.

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ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment Kits

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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