Proteomics Research Information Management System

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The new Bruker Daltonics Proteomics Research Information Management (RIMS™) System is ideal for drug discovery and target validation.   The unique Proteomics RIMS integrates multiple information-rich methods (MS/SPR/X-ray/NMR) for increased research productivity in proteomics.  This unique proteomics research software environment is based on modern web and database technologies, featuring a novel approach to integrating different proteomics methods for transforming data into knowledge.   Proteomics RIMS is a bioinformatics solution that combines and integrates the data, information and knowledge generated in the proteomics research workflow from complementary mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography technologies.  In addition, Proteomics RIMS  also provides access to proteomic, structural and interaction data provided by MS-SPR (in collaboration with Biacore) and by NMR (in collaboration with Bruker BioSpin). Proteomics RIMS combines Bruker BioSciences' proven ProteinScape™ software for managing the workflow in expression proteomics, and Bruker BioSpin's SampleTrack™ LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) applications to form the backbone of a datawarehousing technology providing an environment of data, programs, and links to databases to support efficient data analysis, research decision-making, and knowledge generation in proteomics.   Consolidating information across different platforms is key to gaining in-depth understanding and to finding relationships and information in experimental data.   The information management part of Proteomics RIMS covers instrument control, data acquisition,  and the retrieval of data for documentation and archiving.  Proteomics RIMS enables the integration of all functions and controls them from one single user interface.  It informs scientists about the status of their laboratory measurements and manages the application flow and activities within the laboratory.  In addition, Proteomics RIMS also manages and integrates advanced data analysis and database search results.