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ProteomeScan - Innovative 2D Gel Image Scanner

Controlled by icon driven software, the ProteomeScan system can generate high quality 2D gel images in seconds which can be automatically transferred into DYMENSION, Syngene's revolutionary 2D image analysis software.

With ProteomeScan users can switch between transmittance and reflectance modes and can choose their image quality. The system can generate images of up to 12,800 x 12,800-dpi resolution and has variable colour scanning, which makes it easy to scan gels stained with coloured dyes such as Coomassie Blue and silver stain and ensures detection of the smallest protein features.

ProteomeScan comes in two versions, the ProteomeScan A4 Pro for imaging gels up to 21 cm x 29 cm and the ProteomeScan A3 Pro for scanning gels of up to 31 cm x 43 cm.

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