ProteoMass™ Guanidination Kit

Manufacturer Sigma-Aldrich

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The ProteoMass Guanidination Kit allows you to increase MALDI-MS sensitivity, increase sequence coverage, and identify with greater confidence. Peptides generated during proteolytic digestion with C-terminal Arginine residues are ionized preferentially over peptides wtih C-terminal Lysine residues, leading to compromised sequence coverage and limited confidence during peptide mass fingerprint analysis.

The ProteoMass Guanidination Kit efficiently and conveniently converts C-terminal Lysine residues to homoarginine, increasing MALDI sigma strength and producing enhanced sequence coverage.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Identify more samples with greater accuracy and confidence
  • Increase throughput and save time - only 35 minutes to use the kit vs. 2 hours using traditional methods
  • Compatibility - compatible with 1D or 2D PAGE gel bands or spots, as well as complex cell extracts

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ProteoMass™ Guanidination Kit

Manufacturer Sigma-Aldrich

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