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The PROTEINEER™ suite integrates our powerful mass spectrometers with robotics and bioinformatics to deliver maximum productivity in high-throughput proteomics.

The unique PROTEINEER concept includes

  • our leading automated MALDI-TOF systems as a first protein identification assay,
  • an optional MALDI-TOF MS/MS 2nd assay for a quantum jump in protein identification productivity, and
  • robust high-performance ion trap nanoESI/MSn as a third assay for protein identification, characterization and quantitation.

The PROTEINEER strategy: Protein Identification

Frequently, Proteomics projects include an initial screening step which aims for the identification of large numbers of proteins. Here, sample throughput and success rate (i.e. the number of positively identified proteins) are key issues.

This task is typically performed via automated MALDI-TOF MS peptide mapping.

Additional MS/MS fragment analyses for further identification and verification can be performed

  • by MALDI-TOF MS/MS on the same MALDI sample, which still provides high sample throughput,
  • or by nanoLC-ESI-MS/MS which is slower but, thanks to the chromatographic separation step included, allows for identification even from complex samples, and provides high sequence coverage.

The PROTEINEER strategy: Protein Characterization

In the later course of Proteomics projects, relevant candidates need to be characterized in greatest possible detail.

At this stage, nanoLC-MS/MS provides for a detailed in-depth analysis of the injected sample with high sequence coverage. Information on post-translational modifications can be gained e.g. by creating neutral loss traces with regard to the dissociation of phosphate or glycosylation groups from the peptides in the MS/MS process.