Proteineer spll by Bruker Daltonics

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Proteineer spll

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The Automated Spot Picker

The PROTEINEER spII Spot Picker enables automated 2D gel imaging, spot detection and selection from 2D gels into 96 micro well plates.

As part of the PROTEINEER system, the sp automates the Proteomics workflow from 2D gel separation to mass spectrometric identification and characterization.

Automated Spot Picking
A modified digital scanner serves as the spot-picking platform. This scanner requires three of the five standard rack positions on the tray, leaving space for up to 4 micro well plates on the remaining two racks.
The software allows for manual selection of single spots by mouse-click on the scanned gel image. The individual x,y-coordinates, together with the corresponding position of the excised spot on the microtiter plate, is automatically transferred into an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.

PROTEINEER Suite Integration
Gel and excised gel spots are identified via electronic transponders mounted on the gel frame and well plates. These transponders refer to a server-based spreadsheet which holds all significant sample data from gel coordinates to MS acquisition parameters.

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