PROTEINEER dp™ by Bruker Daltonics

Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

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PROTEINEER dp™ is a new workstation for gel spot digestion and processing including MALDI preparation.

The dp complements the PROTEINEER spII™ workstation for gel imaging and spot cutting, and thus automates the Proteomics workflow from 2D gel separation to mass spectrometric identification and characterization.

The Digest & Prep Workstation

Tryptic Digest of Gel Spots
The digest is carried out in a 96-well PCR plate, which is embedded in an aluminum adapter and placed onto the workstation's Peltier rack. Depending on the gel and staining, different de-staining and wash procedures can be applied. Prior to the digest, the gel spot is dried using an organic solvent. The digest is performed with very few digest solution (<10 µl) and at a temperature of approx. 25 to 30°C.

Preparation for MALDI- and ESI-MS
No manual interaction is required for the subsequent sample preparation for mass spectrometric analysis: After the digest step, samples can directly be prepared onto SCOUT MTP or AnchorChip MALDI targets. The dp workstation supports various preparation procedures and clean-up steps. For ESI-MS Analysis, a fraction collector can collect samples from the 96-well plate.

The Microsoft Excel-based dpControl software keeps all information necessary to run PROTEINEER dp.

PROTEINEER Suite Integration and dpControl
A central, server-based Microsoft Excel spreadsheet holds all relevant information on gel, gel spots and samples. Sample registration proceeds via the transponder attached to the wellplate. After transponder reading, dpControl imports all relevant information for the digest and preparation steps from this central spreadsheet.

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