Protein Structure Workbench

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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In-house X-ray screening provides instant feedback of crystal quality, and the results can immediately lead to a new direction in crystallization.

Your lab's results must be reproducible — too many projects have stalled because crystals could not be reproduced or people failed to keep accurate lab notebooks. Equipping your lab with the proper instrumentation means that your research group can spend time on the actual problems at hand rather than on tedious, repetitive procedures that can easily have errors introduced when done by hand.

The Protein Structure Workbench consists of: the Alchemist DT for liquid handling and screen making, the Minstrel DT UV for UV crystal imaging and analysis, the Gallery DT Plate Hotel for crystallization plate storage, the Phoenix for crystallization plate setup, the Compact HomeLab configured with an AFC-11 goniometer and PILATUS 200K detector, the PlateMate for in situ X-ray screening of crystals in crystallization plates and HKL-3000R for X-ray data collection, processing and structure solution.

In addition, the Protein Structure Workbench automates many of the time-consuming steps, allowing your lab to focus on more important scientific tasks.

Protein Structure Workbench Features:

  • liquid handling / screen maker
  • ultraviolet crystal imaging and analysis system
  • crystallization plate storage
  • crystallization plate setup
  • in-house X-ray capabilities with the Compact HomeLab
  • HKL-3000R for X-ray data collection, data processing and structure solution
  • PlateMate for in situ X-ray screening of crystals in crystallization plates