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Protein Standards

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Bio-Rad Protein Molecular Weight Standards are specially formulated and blended for use as markers in a variety of applications including SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), western blotting, 2-D PAGE, and isoelectric focusing (IEF). Choose from prestained and unstained natural or recombinant protein ladders for broad, high, and low molecular weight ranges.

Bio-Rad Protein Standards Available
Recombinant Protein Standards (Markers)
Prestained and unstained Precision Plus™ protein standards contain up to 12 recombinant bands that are designed to have exceptional lot-to-lot molecular weight consistency. Unstained protein marker standard plugs for 2-D gels are also available.
Natural Standards
Prestained and unstained natural protein molecular weight (MW) standards in broad, low, and high MW ranges are available. Prestained standards are for quick visual assessments during electrophoresis and transfer. Unstained protein ladders are optimized for Coomassie
and zinc staining.
IEF and 2-D Standards
IEF protein molecular weight standards are a mixture of native proteins with isoelectric points (pI) ranging from 4.45 to 9.6, providing reproducible pI calibration in native PAGE or agarose IEF gels. 2-D SDS-PAGE protein standards provide calibrated references for the pI and molecular weight of proteins in 2-D SDS-PAGE.