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Protein Extraction Kits
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Bio-Rad Protein Extraction Kits and mini grinders are ideal for extracting proteins from cell cultures and tissues.

4 Different Kits are Available
ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Total Protein)
The ReadyPrep protein extraction kit (total protein) provides a simple, rapid, and reproducible method for preparation of total cellular protein extracts from a wide variety of biological samples.
MicroRotofor™ Lysis Kits
MicroRotofor lysis kits provide cell lysis and protein extraction protocols that are tailored to the specific needs of different sample sources
ReadyPrep Mini Grinders
ReadyPrep mini grinders are used in sample extraction protocols to grind small biological samples for high recovery of proteins and nucleic acids.
ReadyPrep Reagents for Extraction and Solubilization
A number of ReadyPrep kits are available for total protein or targeted protein extraction (fractionation). Some of the components of these kits are also available separately.

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Protein Extraction Kits by Bio-Rad product image