Proteema Protein GPC column

Manufacturer Kromatek

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Proteema is the right choice for the separation of all kinds of biomolecules including proteins and gelatines. The columns are silica based and can be used with eluents up to a pH value of 7.

If the application requires separations at higher pH in more ‘basic’ eluents, PSS SUPREMA a polymer based material is recommended. Generally the pore-size distribution of silica based columns is smaller than that of polymeric columns, which results in calibration curves of much more gradual slope.

The result is a molecular weight resolution in silica based columns which is much better than polymer based columns. Therefore we recommend Proteema for all biomolecules and proteins in acidic eluents.


PROTEEMA columns Applicability Natural and synthetic

  • Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes, Gelatins/Collagens
  • Eluents Water, water with salt/buffer; pH 7, drying, and freezing
  • Recommended Column Combination
  • Low molar mass: 100 Å + 100 Å
  • Medium molar mass: 300 Å + 300 Å
  • High molar mass: 100 Å + 1 000 Å