Protease Profiler™ Kit by MilliporeSigma

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Protease Profiler™ Kit

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For detailed characterization of proteins of interest, increase your protease selection with the Protease Profiler.

The Protease Profiler provides four proven alternative proteases in addition to Proteomics Grade Trypsin, an enzyme solublization reagent, and an enzyme reaction buffer.

Each component has been stringently purified and qualified for MALDI-MS to ensure optimal performance. Characterize with greater flexibility, perform double enzymatic digestions, and explore alternatve cleavage sites with the Protease Profiler.

Double Enzymatic Digestion - An initial digestion may result in peptide fragments greater than 5,000 daltons, often above the optimum detection range for most MS systems/instruments. A second digstions using a protease with different specificity results in cleavage of the large peptides, generating smaller peptides suitable for MS.

Explore Alternative Proteases - Trypsin may be incompatible with some protein samples; find the protease best suited to your protein of interest and improve the quality of your data.

Perform Either Solution or Gel-based Digests - Optimized protocols and reagents for both digest conditions are provided, enabling flexibility in your analysis.