ProteaPrep IgG Depletion Sample Prep Kit

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The ProteaPrep IgG Depletion Sample Prep Kit (SP-220) features a revolutionary new approach to affinity-based serum immunoglobulin removal that utilizes a non-antibody-based method. The ProteaPrep IgG Depletion capture ligand is a recombinant protein that binds with high affinity to IgG, exhibits excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility, and is highly purified for robust, efficient removal of IgG from human serum samples. The net result is that the functionalized beads irreversibly bind and remove the IgG from serum in a highly efficient and rapid manner. Depletion efficiencies are >99% for the selective removal of IgG from serum samples in less than 20 minutes.


>99% efficiency for depletion of human IgG
Simple and easy to use - process samples in less than 20 minutes
New recombinant affinity ligand permits highly specific and reproducible IgG removal to facilitate analysis of lower abundance serum proteins
Disposable, cost-effective SpinTube design eliminates the risk of carryover or sample contamination

Research Applications:

Human serum proteome analysis
Depletion of IgG from serum and plasma samples
Preparation of serum samples for analysis by SDS-PAGE, 2D gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry


Proprietary recombinant affinity ligand for human IgG is covalently bound to 10µm spherical silica beads with 300Å pores.
This product is for RandD use only, not for drug, household, or other uses.