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Protea offers cell lysis products to help you prepare your sample for downstream applications.

Each product has been specifically designed for the efficient recovery of purified protein lysates from biological samples. The ProteaPrep Lysis kits are a proprietary formulation containing a mixture of salts and non-denaturing detergents that has been optimized for efficient solubilization, extraction, and recovery of most proteins during cell lysis. Because the ProteaPrep Cell Lysis kits are free of lysozyme and harsh detergents (e.g. SDS), the simple protocol permits recovery of a cell lysate that is free from artifactual protein contaminants and that contains soluble, native proteins for downstream characterization and biological testing.

ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits:

  • ProteaPrep Anionic Cell Lysis Kit, Mass Spec Grade
  • ProteaPrep Zwitterionic Cell Lysis Kit, Mass Spec Grade
  • ProteaPrep Non-ionic Cell Lysis Kit, Mass Spec Grade
  • ProteaPrep Bacterial and Mammalian Cell Lysis Kit
  • ProteaPrep Coomassie Protein Quantitation Kit
  • ProteaPrep Protease Inhibitor Cocktail