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ProReveal Test
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Fluorescence Protein Detection Test

ProReveal is a highly sensitive fluorescence-based patented protein detection test for checking the presence of residual protein on surgical instruments after going through a washer disinfector process. This cost-effective test (conforms to BS EN ISO 15883-1) delivers objective, visual and measurable results, removing any doubt as to whether a decontaminated instrument is safe for reuse.

Key features

• Rapid result in under 5 minutes with a PASS or FAIL indicator
• Provides a quantitative measurement over the whole of the instrument
• A visual indication as to the location of any residual protein
• Can detect less than 50ng of residual protein
• Follows the new CPFF-01-01 guidelines for fluorescence-based protein detection methods
• 3D view of the instrument shows where protein is present and how much
• Patented viewer and reagent spray