ProPulse NMR System by Agilent Technologies

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ProPulse NMR System

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Designed with simplicity as a guiding principle, Agilent’s ProPulse NMR System brings true ease-of-use to high-performance NMR.

With advanced features that reduce the time required to set up and run sophisticated NMR experiments, the ProPulse system boosts productivity in any operational environment. Liquids NMR researchers of all levels can unlock NMR’s vast and unique capabilities, with minimal repetitive tasks helping to keep the focus on the experiment at hand.

Agilent’s superior VnmrJ software makes it easy to get results by providing each user with just the right tools to support their goals and level of expertise. Calibration, experimental setup, NUS data acquisition, and processing and analysis are all automated. Sophisticated tools such as Persona Manager, CRAFT, DOSY, BioPack Express, Study Clones and VeriPulse transform system administration and usability. Agilent VeriPulse automatically tests and optimizes system performance. All system tests, with targets and experimental results, are reported in a clean and easy-to-read System Test Report.

ProPulse NMR System Features:

  • Powerful – Uncompromised DirectDrive and DirectDigital Receiver performance in a smaller footprint.
  • Convenient – Easier siting with smart cable management, fewer system interconnects and no special power requirements.
  • Flexible – User-friendly VnmrJ software applications such as CRAFT make complex NMR extremely simple for users of all experience levels.
  • Enhanced – VeriPulse system health-check and remote status tablet provide convenient monitoring.
  • Upgradable – Designed and well positioned for future upgrades.