ProgRes® CCD Research Cameras by JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH

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ProgRes® CCD Research Cameras
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ProgRes® CS/ MS USB, CF/ MF USB, CFcool/ MFcool, CFscan/ MFscan/ C14plus

Discover optimal image quality
All color and monochrome cameras of the ProgRes® CCD Research camera range have been optimized for applications in exacting tasks. Especially when working with low-light specimens, the high sensitivity of these models produces brilliant images.

Expeditious and smooth operation is provided by sensitive CCD sensors, optionally available with cooling, offering high frame rates and a broad dynamic range.
The sophisticated microscanning technology provided in the scanning ProgRes® cameras allows for capturing images of up to 12.5 megapixel, even in true color. 

ProgRes® CS/ MS for highest sensitivity
Due to the very large pixel size of 8.3 μm these USB 2.0 cameras are especially suitable for most sensitive applications, where also a very fast live image is required. Even moving objects can be recorded and fast processes can be followed up.

ProgRes® C14plus for true colors
For detailed image analysis and informative image documentation, the Microscanning technology provided in the scanning ProgRes® CCD Research cameras allows for capturing overview images and details in high-resolution of up to 12.5 mega pixels. The ProgRes® C14plus offers genuine color reproduction in proper detail with up to 12.5 mega pixels. It’s patented Color-Co-Site-Sampling records the color information exactly in three color channels for an absolutely real color image.

• Perfect color reproduction
• Outstanding image quality
• Highest resolution & fast live image
• High sensitivity & low noise

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