Programmable Helium Conservation Module

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Programmable Helium Conservation Module - Switching carrier gas can be costly and disruptive. Instead of an alternate carrier… consider an alternate approach: helium conservation.

Helium has long been the carrier gas of choice for GC and GC/MS analyses. However, the global helium shortage has reduced the availability – and increased the cost – of helium gas, jeopardizing the operations of labs that depend on gas chromatography.

Laboratories that modify their existing SOPs to use helium more wisely can avoid the costs and productivity drawbacks associated with translating methods to an alternate carrier. Reducing helium consumption also extends helium tank life, lessening the dependence on helium deliveries, and allowing labs to ensure business continuity by planning for future deliveries.

Advanced technologies make helium conservation achievable Features built into the 7890B GC system with OpenLAB CDS allow operators to deploy sleep-wake functions that reduce helium (and energy) consumption. In addition, the new Agilent Programmable Helium Conservation Module works with the gas-saver functions of Agilent 7890-based GC, GC/MS, and GC/MS/MS systems to stretch the life of every helium tank.

Programmable Helium Conservation Module Benefits:

  • Less workfl ow disruption
  • Seamless integration
  • Greater reliability
  • Rapid transition
  • Safer operation
  • Better analytical precision

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Programmable Helium Conservation Module

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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