Progeny™ Handheld Raman Analyzer by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

Progeny™ Handheld Raman Analyzer by Rigaku Corporation product image
Progeny™ Handheld Raman Analyzer
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The new generation in handheld Raman analysis that streamlines your material ID workflow.

From the evolution of handheld spectroscopy arrives Progeny – the first handheld Raman analyzer designed to be customizable and flexible for seamless integration into any work environment. Now you can perform lab-quality analysis of the widest range of solids, powders, liquids, and other substances to ensure consumer safety around the globe.

Progeny provides the power of Raman spectroscopy in a handheld form with no compromises. You are empowered to choose the complexity of the task at hand. Its unique software design provides articulate communication of simple PASS/FAIL decision or more detailed analysis results for a variety of applications in the lab, in the field, or wherever you need data.

Progeny™ Handheld Raman Analyzer Features:

  • Accurately analyze your materials through packaging
  • Minimize the learning curve with a smartphone-inspired interface
  • Increase confidence in your material ID with unparalleled sensitivity
  • Measure a wide range of materials with interference-free data
  • Expand your data transfer flexibility (LIMS, wireless, and docking station)