Progenesis ClearSpec by Nonlinear Dynamics

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Progenesis ClearSpec

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Progenesis ClearSpec is a simple, easy-to-use standalone application to deisotope and charge deconvolute thousands of high-resolution MS/MS spectra in seconds.

Key benefits
Progenesis ClearSpec solves the challenges in generating high-quality MS/MS spectral data:

• Increased accuracy and reliability of peptide and protein identification
• Aaccurate assignment of parent ion mass and charge
• Rapid deconvoultion of high charge-state fragments
• Improved efficiency in database searching due to less complex MS/MS spectra
• Support for all major hardware vendors
• Ease-of-use

Use Progenesis ClearSpec for:
• Increasing reliability and accuracy of peptide and protein characterisation from high-resolution MS/MS spectra
• Characterising the structure of proteins to resolve their biological function e.g. cross-linking studies
• Improving the quality of spectral libraries that you can build
• Analysis of MS/MS spectra from very low amounts of samples
• Analysis of intact proteins

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