Profinia™ Protein Purification System

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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The Profinia Protein Purification System automates the affinity purification and desalting of proteins in as little as 35 minutes with fully automated cleaning and maintenance procedures to offer a true plug-and-play chromatography system.

The purification program is easily set up in minutes via the built-in touch screen and then everything is fully automated so you can press start, walk away and collect your purified protein from the instrument later. The system can run up to two samples of unlimited volumes and is pre-programmed for His, GST and Profinity™ eXact tagged protein and antibody purifications. Method templates are also programmed that can be adjusted and saved for any affinity purification.

The Profinia system is a simple-to-use purification system that requires minutes of training and this affinity purification workhorse allows you to work on more demanding chromatographic separations safe in the knowledge that your routine affinity purifications are being reproducibly obtained.