Prodigy7 ICP-OES Spectrometer by Teledyne Leeman Labs

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Prodigy7 ICP-OES Spectrometer
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Average Rating: 4.7
2 Scientists have reviewed this product

5 out of 5
Ease of use
5 out of 5
After sales service
5 out of 5
Value for money

This instrument is every bit of the tool I was looking for
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Quality assurance for polymer engineering and manufacturing

"The Prodigy 7 ICPOES has all of the features important to me as an analyst. The instrument is very low maintenance and very reliable. I believe it is the 'fastest' ICPOES instrument on the market today."

Review date: 28 Jun 2016 | Prodigy7 ICP-OES Spectrometer
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  • Member since: 2016

  • Organization: ATI Powder Metals

  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
Overall a very good unit for the money, gives good results and the Teledyne Leeman customer service is awesome.
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area:Analysis of major and trace metals in titanium, nickel, cobalt and iron based alloys.

"The Prodigy 7 is a good instrument and very versatile. I analyze major alloying elements down to 10-50 ppm impurities with this instrument with good reproducibility. I use the concentration ratio which helps with the precision and accuracy of the analysis but only wish that I was able to use more than one analytical line for the base metal to ratio to the alloying elements. I enjoy using this instrument and would buy it again."

Review date: 16 May 2016 | Prodigy7 ICP-OES Spectrometer

Teledyne Leeman Labs has taken a radically different approach with the Prodigy7. Through years of effort, our team of highly specialized engineers and application chemists have produced an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) instrument in which superior analytical performance does not have to be traded off for any reason including price. And while the Prodigy7 offers all of the advanced capabilities some laboratories require none of them have to be purchased up front if not needed. They can be easily added later if needs change.​