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Process E-Lab Notebook
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Symyx Software Process Notebook is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) designed specifically to solve the challenges faced by process chemists, improving information management, saving time, and improving experiment quality.

Prepare: Efficiently Plan Experiments

  • Searchable global database of corporate knowledge enables scientists to make informed decisions and design better experiments.
  • Document editors specifically designed for process chemists utilize automated stoichiometric and scaling calculations to simplify experimental setup.
  • Ability to plan and execute parallel experiments enables faster and better process optimization.

Document: Record Experiments and Create GMP Documentation

  • Customizable QuickText and a built-in database of chemicals and associated properties enable rapid, convenient procedure entry to improve information quality.
  • Automatic generation of batch records and process flow diagrams saves time and streamlines the generation of GMP documentation.

Analyze: Rapidly Evaluate Chemical Process Information

  • Standardized and accessible documentation of all chemical process information streamlines technology transfer across the clinical supply chain and to outsourcing partners.
  • Multi-step process planner provides detailed campaign planning, including the analysis of materials, resources, waste disposal, and overall costs.
  • A single Notebook platform spanning discovery and development, facilitates rapid data aggregation for reports, including FDA submissions.