PRO Lab Plus Series by PRO Scientific, Inc.

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PRO Lab Plus Series

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PRO Scientific has launched the new PRO Lab Plus Series designed to compliment PRO Scientific’s current lines of homogenizers, centrifuges, and thermostatics. Featuring compact, durable pieces of laboratory equipment, the PRO Lab Plus Series includes the VSN-5 Nutating Mixer, the VSM-3 Vortex Mixer, the VSOS-4 Orbital Shaker and the VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker. With a variety of available accessories for an array of applications, the PRO Lab Plus Series can be integrated into your current lab procedures with ease. Backed by warranty and a strong commitment to customer service and support, all PRO Lab Plus Series units are designed to effortlessly handle your lab workload while simplifying every day lab processes such as mixing, blending and resuspending.