Pro ezGC Methods Development Software by Restek Corp.

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Pro ezGC Methods Development Software

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Take the guesswork out of selecting the best column and conditions for your GC analysis. Pro ezGC software accurately predicts separations on any capillary column, and is useful for selecting a column and conditions from a single GC run. Using your retention data, or the extensive library, you can automatically evaluate thousands of combinations of column dimensions, oven temperature programs, and carrier gas pressure programs to determine the best separation with the fastest analysis time.

Increase productivity by improving separations and shortening analysis time with optimized temperature and carrier gas programs. Pro ezGC software for Windows® operating systems accurately models analyses when using guard columns and capillary restrictors, even when their IDs differ from the analytical column. The power of Pro ezGC software is especially helpful when modeling two columns connected in series or two columns connected in parallel to two separate detectors.

Pro ezGC includes a master set of retention index libraries at no extra charge! These libraries contain more than 3,000 compounds analyzed on the most commonly used stationary phases, in ten application areas, including pesticides, PCBs, dioxins/furans, flavor and fragrance compounds, drugs of abuse, FAMEs, semivolatile and volatile pollutants, petroleum hydrocarbons, and solvents and chemicals. The libraries permit computer simulation without entering actual laboratory data.

• Optimize temperature and flow programs with a single analysis.
• Reduce analysis time and improve sample resolution.
• Model retention gap and guard column applications, including Restek Integra-Guard® columns.
• Optimize dual-column run conditions, columns in parallel or in series.