PrepStar SD-2 Prep Solvent Delivery Module

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High throughput, economical benchtop purification

  PrepStar SD-2 is designed for high-throughput systems using larger particle sorbents (10-25 µm) with column overload strategies to deliver gram to multi-kilogram quantities of pure product in an economical manner. It is available in both HPG (High Pressure Gradient) and LPG (Low Pressure Gradient) versions. The SD-2 pump provides an extended flow range with absolute pressure capability and has interchangeable pump heads for 200ml, 800ml, or 1200ml flow rates on the same pump. To view common fully integrated, ready to use benchtop HPLC system examples please see our benchtop systems overview.

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PrepStar SD-2 Prep Solvent Delivery Module

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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