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Waters offers a wide selection of radial compression column segments for analytical and preparative chromatography. Each column segment is used in conjunction with a radial compression holder to provide an economical and high-performance solution for your separations.

The Radial-Pak column segments have an internal diameter of 5 mm or 8 mm both in 100 mm lengths. These column segments can be used for analytical and semi-preparative chromatography. The PrepLC column segments have larger internal diameters of 25 mm and 40 mm (100 mm length) for preparative scale work. Both types with a wide range of hi resolution stationary phases capable of solving the most difficult separation problems.

These radial compression column segments are packed in lengths of 100 mm, which can be used alone or connected in series to create 200 mm and 300 mm long preparative columns. You can easily develop optimum column length, volume, and efficiency for your purification. Two or three columns can be used in series for difficult separations, to achieve higher purity, or to accommodate greater sample load. Guard-Pak inserts are also available to further extend column segment lifetimes.