Prep 150 LC System by Waters

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Prep 150 LC System
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The Prep 150 LC System is a fit for purpose solution designed for scientists requiring robust system performance with intuitive software for dedicated personal purification or quick adoption in centralized labs. Systems are designed to satisfy your application requirements, whether you are processing a few samples a day, or your workload demands greater through-put with unattended automation. The Prep 150 LC System allows you to rapidly process your valuable complex mixtures resulting in high-purity and recovery with complete confidence.

Features of the Prep 150 LC System:

  • Flexible solvent delivery options allowing binary or quaternary based pumps providing low-pressure multi-solvent blending or high pressure gradient mixing of flow rates up to 150 ml/min.
  • Easy to use manual or automated sample injection options allow the versatility to accommodate a wide range of workload requirements.
  • Identify and isolate your compounds of interest with the highly sensitive 2489 UV/Visible or 2998 Photodiode Array detectors, providing enhanced linear range to accommodate highly concentrated samples.
  • Confidently purify sample loads of milligrams to grams when using internal column diameters of up to 50mm.
  • Use the easy-to-navigate ChromScope software delivered with sample set wizard, stacked injection wizard, key fraction collection parameters, fraction simulation modeling, and customizable reporting with drop and drag features.