Premixed Buffers and Buffer Reagents by Bio-Rad

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Premixed Buffers and Buffer Reagents
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Bio-Rad’s Electrophoresis Buffers and Reagents are available as individual reagents or premixed buffers. Products include loading buffers for protein or nucleic acid samples, detergents, ampholytes, and gel-casting buffers.

Bio-Rad’s Diverse Range of Electrophoresis Buffers and Reagents Include
Polyacrylamide Gel Reagents
Acrylamide powders, premixed acrylamide/bis powders, and premixed acrylamide/bis solutions are offered for handcasting polyacrylamide gels.
IEP/IEF Agaroses
Bio-Rad offers a selection of agaroses suitable for IEP, IEF, and other specialty applications. Standard low, high and zero -mr agarose are ideal for immuno-, counterimmunoelectrophoresis and IEF.
Bio-Lyte carrier ampholytes, supplied as clear aqueous solutions, are blended to give a complete range of isoelectric points for reproducible, linear pH gradients.
Premixed Casting Buffers
Bio-Rad offers a variety of prepared solutions for casting polyacrylamide gels. Solutions for preparing the stacking and resolving portions of native or SDS-PAGE gels are available.
Sample Buffers and Reagents
Premixed sample buffers are available for numerous applications, including native PAGE, SDS-PAGE, peptide analyis, analytical IEF, nucleic acid sample preparation and zymogram gel sample preparation.
Running Buffers and Reagents
Premixed buffers are available for a variety of protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis protocols. The high quality 0.4 µm filtered buffers can be used with handcast or precast gels.
Tracking Dyes
Bio-Rad offers two tracking dyes for monitoring electrophoresis runs: bromophenol blue for monitoring protein electrophoresis and xylene cyanole FF for monitoring nucleic acid electrophoresis.
Cleaning Solution
Bio-Rad cleaning concentrate is a moderately alkaline detergent that cleans by solubilization and emulsification. It is ideal for cleaning glass plates and other laboratory equipment.