Precision Microplate Pipetting System by BioTek Instruments, Inc.

Precision Microplate Pipetting System by BioTek Instruments, Inc. product image
Precision Microplate Pipetting System
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Precision™ Microplate Sample Processor and Pipetting systems are an affordable, unique solution for automated 96-/384-well microplate liquid handling.

With its ability to perform virtually any routine liquid transfer, Precision replaces manual pipetting. The Precision XS model adds even greater functionality with its combination of a single-channel sample processing head, an 8-channel pipetting head and an 8-channel bulk reagent dispenser all in one compact instrument.

The Precision liquid handling systems offer the best solution in sample processors for today’s modern lab, providing the power of unattended operation and the simplicity and economy lacking in high-end liquid handlers. Precision is specifically designed to fit into most biological safety cabinets and chemical fume hoods, while the intuitive Precision Power pc software simplifies the programming of applications from hit picking to serial dilutions. BioTek’s BioStack™ Microplate Stacker increases liquid handling throughput and provides walk-away automated processing of up to 50 microplates when integrated with Precision or Precision XS.