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The Thermo Electroporation cuvettes are designed to maximize your transfection results and improve sample handling.  We aim to provide you with a total solution for your electroporation needs, and not only supply instruments and consumables - we give you protocol support tailored to your specific application.

Product detail:

Thermo Hybaid cuvettes have been manufactured to strict quality control criteria whilst maximising design features for ease of use and improved results.


Thermo's cuvettes have been manufactured to strict quality control criteria whilst maximizing design features for ease of use and improved results. These electroporation cuvettes are High quality and affordable.

  • Universal Cuvettes - compatible with most common electroporation machines
  • Cap Design - designed to give improved aseptic handling and reduced aerosol contamination
  • Smaller Sample Size - Thermo Hybaid cuvettes are designed to include a 'V' form in the base so that 50% less sample is needed compared to other makes of cuvette
  • Bio-Tested - all materials used have been tested to optimise transformation efficiencies. In some specific cases further washing and treating is performed to maximise bio-compatibility for improved gene transfer
  • Highly Engineered - the aluminium electrodes have been chemically and physically cleaned to obtain a uniform electrode surface for consistent pulse generation.
  • Precision Built - The 'V' form in the base of the cuvette enables easy sample pick-up, which in turn can provide a cost saving
  • Colour coded - the cuvette caps are all individually colour coded for size
  • Guaranteed Sterility - each cuvette is individually wrapped and gamma irradiated. Specifically designed sterile pipettes can also be used to further facilitate aseptic procedures.