precisExcite Excitation Light Source by Olympus Life Science

Light source for all Olympus microscopes

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precisExcite Excitation Light Source

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The precisExcite LED light source is designed for use with all Olympus epi-fluorescent microscopes.

Up to four wavelengths can be driven individually or in combination and intensity can be adjusted per wavelength in 1% increments. LEDs have very long lifetimes, greatly reducing running costs, and can be switched almost instantaneously with no additional shutters required. Coupling via the light guide allows remote placement to reduce vibration and heat at the microscope frame, while USB and ethernet interfaces enable seamless integration with the cellSens imaging software for the automation of complex imaging tasks. precisExcite LED light source Features: Excitation light source for reflected fluorescence observations on upright and inverted microscopes Three excitation wavelengths Special LED array modules Unique thermoelectronic cooling system