Precellys 24 Dual by Bertin Instruments

Manufacturer Bertin Instruments

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Precellys 24 Dual

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Precellys products are dedicated to the grinding, lysis, and homogenization of biological samples prior to DNA, RNA, and proteins extractions.

Automation with Precellys®24 gives standard sample preparation with fast and sensitive biological results. With 12 x 2mL or 6 x 7mL tubes, Precellys®24-Dual is designed to prepare samples from 1mg to 5000 mg. It guarantees an efficient homogenization with high yield and quality results compatible with all analysis methods. The single-use tubes prevent samples from any cross contamination. With beads and standard protocols specific to each application, a large range of biological samples can be grinded, homogenized or lysed. Even fragile microorganisms and hard tissues such as bones and hair.