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Pre-plated Representative Sets

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Enamine now offers six Pre-plated Representative compounds Sets, representing structural diversity of the Enamine’s collections. The Pre-plated Representative Sets were obtained by filtering the entire Enamine’s Screening Collection (more than 500,000 compounds) using selection criteria which are the most frequently required by our customers, as follows:
• Diversity Set: consists of 20,000 the most diverse compounds selected from the entire Enamine proprietary Screening Collection, with diversity coefficient of 0.924. This Set will be particularly useful for the screening against wide range of targets, allowing quick approach to hit discovery when built-in drug-likeness is not a primary criterion;
• Drug-Like Diversity Set: contains 20,000 of the most diverse drug-like compounds and is the perfect choice for the researchers looking for potent hits among the compounds meeting industry-standard requirements;
• Lead-Like Set: 20,000 unique and diverse lead-like compounds;
• Fragment-Like Set: 15,000 compounds with low molecular weight;
• Kinase Set: a set of 20,000 diverse compounds for initial screening against kinase targets; features structures selected from kinase inhibitors targeted library. All compounds from this set meet Lipinski rules of 5 requirements and contain characteristic kinase-inhibitor pattern;
• Bestseller Set: a set of the most frequently requested compounds, a highly promising source for initial screening.