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Précis Certified Standards
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HORIBA Scientific is supplying its own range of standards as well as SPEX CertPrep standards. In consequence HORIBA Scientific proposes a complete range of Certified Standards Samples specifically for Sulfur in Oil analysis, as well as many other components in all kind of hydrocarbon matrices.
The three basic sets are dedicated to the most famous analytical methods of sulfur in oil analysis. The calibration is very simple and reliable.
It is available from stock for ultra quick delivery, selectable individually or by set.
- S in heavy Oil, set of 8 Standards from Blank up to 4 %S - Recommended for XRF : ASTM D4294 / ASTM D2622 / ISO 20 847
- S in Base Oil, set of 14 Standards from Blank up to 1000 ppm S - Recommended also for XRF, but mainly for UVF : ASTM D5453 / ISO 20 846
- S in Diesel Oil, set of 15 Standards from Blank up to 1000 ppm S - Recommended mainly for UVF

When the above range of product is not suitable for your application, HORIBA Scientific proposes certified Custom Standards from SPEX CertiPrep which will totally match your requirements. You select the matrix, including any kind of Bio fuel , the elements and their concentrations for your standard and it will be made specially and delivered with certificate of analysis. For High Quality results, this is the ideal solution to be sure you are always using the standards which match the best your sample.
Please ask for "Custom Standard Request Form" to
HORIBA Scientific distributes SPEX CertiPrep products in France & North Africa, other products world wide.

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