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Shimadzu’s PPSQ-31A/33A systems use Edman degradation to cleave amino acids, one at a time, from the N-terminals of proteins, then derivatize them to PTH amino acids and determine the sequence of amino acids using HPLC.

Using the highly acclaimed Shimadzu HPLC, the PPSQ series protein sequencers separate PTH-amino acids isocratically, improving baseline stability and allowing high-sensitivity analysis of PTH-amino acids. Isocratic sequence analysis provides more stable retention times. That means peaks detected in previous cycles can be cancelled using substation chromatogram processing, making it easier for users to identify sequences.

Specialized software incorporates control functions for the reaction unit and HPLC, enabling easier sequence analysis of proteins and peptides. Simple, easy-to-use data analysis functions simplify reprocessing of chromatograms and automatic estimation of amino acid sequences. In addition, customized reports can be created.