RSV Power Door Autoclaves by Priorclave Ltd

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RSV Power Door Autoclaves
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Average Rating: 4.3
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Autoclaving

"This is easy to use. The sales service is good. Would recommend to a colleague. Would have liked to known the exact autoclaving temperatures and time of run for various settings (dry run, liquid media, etc.)"

Review date: 23 Sep 2013 | RSV Power Door Autoclaves
Priorclave Rectangular Section Power Door autoclaves combine a huge internal capacity with a small floor area.

Where laboratory space is at a premium and there is a need to sterilise tall, extra bulk items the RSV range of POWER DOOR autoclaves from Priorclave may prove the perfect answer since the pressure door moves vertically within the autoclave frame, eliminating need to allow space for conventional door swing at the front of the autoclave.

Four models make up this highly versatile front-loading RSV range with chamber sizes from 230 to 700 litres. A design advantage of the RSV range is a fixed gasket onto which the chamber door closes. When raised and in line with the chamber opening the pressure door automatically moves forward directly onto the seal to create an air-tight lock, this action prevents undue wear on the fixed seal.

Although easy access to chamber is gained using Push-Button controls, inherent safety features prevent door opening during sterilising cycles and at high temperatures and pressures, a special STAYPUT locking geometry keeps the chamber door fully locked. Electrical and direct steam heated versions are available as is the option of water cooling jackets.

RSV Power Door Autoclaves Features:

  • Capacities from 230 to 700 Litres and above. Intermediate sizes available to suit individual locations where required.
  • Operation up to 138C - 2.4 Bar
  • Large rectangular chamber within a compact frame 
  • No moving door gasketCan be supplied as a stand-alone cabinet autoclave or for building into a fascia panel in a dedicated plant room.
  • Steam generated within the chamber (electrically heated models) - Direct steam heated models available
  • Complete with thermocouple entry and test ports
  • Forced air cooling as standard helping to reduce cycle times (Jacket cooling available)
  • Automatic timed freesteaming as standard for improved air removal and sterilising performance
  • Delayed start and media warming function as standard for ready to pour media at the start of the day
  • A large selection of options and accessories is available to help to get the most from your Priorclave autoclave
  • Supplied with two full width non-tipping stainless steel shelves.
  • Stainless steel baskets, waste containers and loading trolleys available