PosID™ Positive Identification System by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

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PosID™ Positive Identification System
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The PosID (Positive Identification System) enables barcodes on standard labware such as tubes, microplates, deep-well plates, and gel cards to be decoded prior to and during processing. System components can be used to complement security requirements in any application in Clinical Diagnostics or in Biopharma research.

The PosID is mounted at the rear of the worktable on Freedom EVO® 100, 150 or 200 platforms. The module can identify barcodes mounted on labware carriers, identifying in the first instance which labware type is present on the carrier. The unique pull-back mechanism then automatically moves the carrier across the path of the barcode scanner which orientates itself automatically to decode barcodes mounted vertically or horizontally on microplates, tubes, gel cards or reagent troughs. The PosID can indicate if a position is empty, for example a sample tube position that has not been loaded will receive the status “no tube” and will not be processed. A barcode that is obscured or missing will be logged as unidentifiable and not processed.

The PosID offers users easy, additional process control with its ability to indicate to the operator, at a glance, which racks have been processed and may be removed by shifting these carriers to a unique position at the front of the worktable. The barcode scanner is capable of decoding a broad range of code types and densities, in fact more than 20 code types normally found in the laboratory.

The entire Tecan Positive Identification concept comprises any combination of the following options:

  • PosID – a robotic barcode scanner mounted at the rear of the Freedom EVO with free range to monitor labware carrier positions and to automatically identify the codes of numerous labware types.
  • Barcode Reader – a stand-alone barcode reader scans codes on labware during transfer actions by the Tecan Robotic manipulator.
  • Logistic barcode reader – scans codes automatically on labware at the loading ports of Tecan’s high speed Carousel HS™ and Stacker modules.

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PosID™ Positive Identification System by Tecan product image

PosID™ Positive Identification System

Manufacturer Tecan

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