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The REMP Portrait Heat Sealer is a completely electro-mechanical, thermal sealing instrument that does not require any air or vacuum to operate. This versatile and efficient instrument accommodates deepwell, assay, PCR, and standard microplates with only a minor adapter change. The REMP Portrait Heat Sealer uses any of the various rolls of REMP’s Thermo-Seals, most of which are resistant to DMSO, as well as, other solvents and can withstand storage temperatures between –80° C to 120° C.

Medium Throughput Needs

The REMP Portrait Heat Sealer is ideal for labs with the need to seal a multitude of plate types at a moderate daily volume. It uses any of the various REMP Thermo-Seals, which can be very easily replaced on this instrument because of its top mounted seal roll design, taking a user less than 30 seconds to change.

Standalone Instrument or Robotically Integrated

The REMP Portrait Heat Sealer is ideal for robotic integration – featuring an extended plate «diving board» for easy access and both a digital I/O port for simple instrument control and RS232 serial port, which can be more elaborately controlled via the REMP ActiveX Device Interface Software. The instrument requires no special setup or hardware and can also function as a standalone instrument, if not needed for integration into an automated system.