Portable pH meters with GLP functions handylab pH 11 and handylab pH 12

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These pocket-size meters in shock-proof, water-tight casings are ideally suited for field work.

Measurement parameters

The pH, mV and °C measurement parameters mean that the pocket pH meters from SCHOTT Instruments have a variety of uses.

Measurement memor y and interface

In comparison with the handylab pH 11, the handylab pH 12 additionally has a data memory, which makes it possible to save measurements manually or automatically using a timer control, and then evaluate them at a later time. Furthermore, this pH meter has a configurable interface with a recognition function (RS-232) so that it can be connected to a computer (bi-directional) or a recorder.

Measurement reliability

The special AutoRead function, which can be additionally activated, ser ves to monitor the drift of the combination electrode. The measured value is only released when the stability criteria are fulfilled. This ensures the reproducibility of measurement results.

Temperature compensation

Measurements can be performed with and without the temperature sensor. Temperature compensation of pH measurements can be effected automatically or manually. The type of temperature sensor that is connected (Pt 1000 or NTC 30) is recognized automatically.