(disabled) POLARstar OPTIMA Multidetection Microplate Reader with Fluorescence Polarization

Manufacturer BMG LABTECH

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The POLARstar OPTIMA is a versatile microplate reader offering five separate reading modes with integrated resonance energy transfer detection capabilities (FRET, BRET).

  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Fluorescence Intensity - including FRET and multilable applications
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence - including DELFIA®
  • Luminescence (flash & glow) - including BRET, DLReadyTM certified
  • Absorbance - UV/Vis with path length correction

The POLARstar OPTIMA multidetection microplate reader offers all the features of the FLUOstar OPTIMA plus fluorescence polarization and a unique Simultaneous Dual Emission detection system, which allows the detection of two emitted wavelengths at the same time.

It has been designed with a dedicated luminescence measurement system so you do not have to make a choice between a microplate fluorometer and luminometer. The POLARstar OPTIMA offers exceptional luminescence performance in a single instrument package that easily fulfilled Promega’s stringent DLReady™ (Dual Luciferase validation) criteria.

The POLARstar OPTIMA reads up to 384-well plates in all detection modes. Up to two on-board reagent injectors can be used to initiate kinetic events. Due to the individually adjustable delivery volumes for each well, the injectors can be used to produce dilution schemes and concentration ranges throughout the plate. Top and bottom plate reading, precise temperature control up to 45°C or up to 60°C, well scanning, multi-mode shaking capabilities and gas vent connection enhance the assay flexibility of the POLARstar OPTIMA.

The POLARstar OPTIMA comes with BMG LABTECH's established OPTIMA Reader Control Software and comprehensive MARS Data Analysis Software. The familiar and highly visual OPTIMA reader control software provides limitless possibilities for test set up and is fully compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. The well-organized Data Analysis Software – MARS – offers a Template Manager for building complex data processing protocols and a Wizard-guided interface to create easy step-by-step calculations, and much more.

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(disabled) POLARstar OPTIMA Multidetection Microplate Reader with Fluorescence Polarization

Manufacturer BMG LABTECH

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