Pocker-size precision pH meter CG 837 by Schott Instruments GmbH

Pocker-size precision pH meter CG 837 by Schott Instruments GmbH product image
Pocker-size precision pH meter CG 837

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The CG 837 is a top quality pH meter in a practical pocket size. It offers a very compact, portable size, but also fulfils laboratory requirements with respect to features and precision.

Compact and precise

The carrying case with shoulder strap together with the necessary accessories makes the pH meter ideal for mobile use. Its high level of precision and minimal space requirements make this meter ideal for work in the field, as well a fully functional piece of laboratory equipment.

User friendly

The keys have defined pressure points for accurate, precise operation and are clearly arranged on the splash-proof key pad and clearly labeled. Related values such as pH value and temperature are displayed simultaneously.

Calibration and temperature compensation are automated. The "hold" key allows you to freeze the last measured value on the display.

Highly accurate measurements

The stable electronic engineering components guarantee the high measurement accuracy of 0.01 pH. Redox potentials can be measured to an accuracy of 1 mV. When measurements are per formed using a temperature sensor, the microprocessor takes the temperature dependency of electrode and buffer solutions into account. Faulty electrodes are recognized during calibration and an error message is shown on the display.