PM05 - XY500 Automated Peristaltic Dispenser with Filling System for tubes

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

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Automatic Filling System for Tubes and Bottles PM05 - XY500

This automated filling system represents a cost-effective solution by replacing manual operations with
equipment for rapid and accurate filling. Consisting of a high precision peristaltic dispenser PM05 and a highly repeatable robotic module XY500, it ensures the automated filling of tubes, bottles, impedance cells, etc. for greatly enhanced laboratory productivity.

PM05 Peristaltic Pump
• For the automated dispensing of broth, agar in plates, tubes or flasks.
The PM05 peristaltic pump automatically dispenses volumes from 1ml to 500 ml with a high degree of accuracy. It has an alpha numeric keyboard which, when combined with a printer, allows
full integration within GLP-compliant laboratories.

XY500 Robotic Module
When used in conjunction with the PM05 peristaltic pump, the XY500 robotic module automates the filling of flasks and bottles.
• Optimise the productivity of your laboratory with the XY500 .
• 500 tube capacity!
• Rapid, secured and customised programming.