PlateMaster 96 Channel Pipetting System

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Biology

"This PlateMaster is really easy to use. I saw a demonstration on the Miptech in Basel last year and so I've ordered on and received it for Christmas (nice gift!). It was so simple and easy to use that a lot of my colleagues wanted to have one! Some of them ordered one for them self (the price is very interesting too). And now a few months later we have several people using this helpful machine. I really would recommend this product!"

Review date: 15 Oct 2014 | PlateMaster 96 Channel Pipetting System

Fill 96 wells within 10 seconds!

PLATEMASTER is an amazingly precise, accurate and easy to use solution for high throughput pipetting of 96 and 384 well plates.

It increases productivity and efficiency in the lab by reducing the number of manipulations necessary for filling a microplate, compared to ordinary multichannel pipettes. A 5-min training is enough to make it operational by pipette users: PLATEMASTER simply works like a manual pipette. This fully portable device can be placed anywhere in your lab.

PLATEMASTER reduces risk of human errors by eliminating the possibility of skipping or repeating wells and increases the well-to-well reproducibility. Furthermore, all enzymatic reactions or cell-based applications can be started and stopped in 96 wells at the same time.


  • Simple Operation
  • Fill a plate in a single dispense!
  • High Accuracy and Safety
  • Using Gilson Pipette Tips
  • Costs only a fraction of a pipetting robot


  • PCR / QPCR: pipetting and providing master mixes
  • ELISA: simultaneous processing of nearly all reaction steps in
    microtiter plates (coating, starting, stopping, washing, etc.)
  • Cell culture: addition and removal of culture media, plate replication
  • Crystallography: dropwise addition of solutions
  • Expression tests: plate replication
  • Enhancement to existing automation: assay development and adaptation to 96-channel systems, back-up solution for maintenance and downtime
  • All workflow where pipetting on 96-well or 384-well scale is involved

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PlateMaster 96 Channel Pipetting System

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews